Oralign was born from many years of understating the importance of a smile. Patients, particularly adults, have become acutely conscious that their smile and appearance can be improved using simple orthodontics to straighten their teeth. Oralign was created by  Lester Ellman in response to the need for specialist orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and advice for general dental practitioners who were undertaking orthodontic treatment for their patients. Unfortunately, very little orthodontics is taught to UK dental undergraduates and they leave dental school with the minimum of orthodontic knowledge. Certainly too little knowledge and skill to be able to correctly assess, diagnose, treatment plan and provide orthodontic care. Oralign is unique in having all cases diagnosed and treatment planned by registered specialist orthodontists who are there to advise the general dental practitioner throughout treatment. We recognise the importance of continuity of care so we assign a single orthodontist to each case to build a unique teamworking relationship with the dentist to provide the highest possible standards of care to patients
The Oralign team know that orthodontic treatment can be carried out by dental practitioners under the expert eye of an assigned specialist orthodontist who would advise them from the diagnosis and treatment planning stage right through to the completion of treatment and follow-up care. Lester Ellman is a general dental practitioner with many years of experience in dental care with a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry at his Manchester practice. Improving the appearance of patients’ smiles has been a long standing goal for him. Stephen Gallagher brings with him years of experience of orthodontic specialist practice, including owning his own successful practice in Dublin. Also, as a partner in ESM Digital Solutions, one of the world’s leading 3D study model technology providers. He brings to Oralign his expertise in the development of 3D model imaging, case diagnosis and treatment planning.