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Why Oralign?

Why Oralign?

Here at Oralign, we have conceived and introduced the concept of Limited Treatment Outcome (LTO) Orthodontics. This means predefining the aims and outcome of orthodontic treatment in a way which suits both patient and practitioner. This does not mean compromise, rather it accepts that for many patients an ‘ideal orthodontic result’ is not reasonable and by defining and agreeing the outcome with your patient :- everyone is satisfied.

Oralign enables the general dental practitioner to undertake aesthetic non-extraction orthodontics confident in the knowledge that although you are not an orthodontic specialist you have direct access to a named orthodontic specialist who will diagnose, treatment plan, advise and assist whenever necessary during the entire period of treatment, from start to successful conclusion.

This will enable a substantial boost to your interest and enjoyment in dentistry, and a boost to the practice by providing your patients with a smile to remember.

Oralign is unique by being the only provider who is there for you throughout each and every case. Support for you and your patients is everything to us. We assign a named Specialist Orthodontist to each case for diagnosis and treatment planning. This isn’t just an anonymous specialist; it is someone you can contact at any time for advice and guidance. We truly are only a telephone call or email away.

CR Clinical Director explains the Oralign proposition
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At Oralign we believe in giving you the opportunity to make your practice more successful thanks to our orthodontic appliances and guidance. That’s why we provide training, support and bespoke appliances for you and your patients.

Oralign Orthodontic Clinical Support Service

This for ALL practitioners, if you are undertaking orthodontic treatment for your patient and come across a problem, you need help!

Our experienced orthodontic specialists have many years of experience and can advise on any orthodontic problem. You do not need to be a Oralign certified practitioner to avail yourself of our help and advice.

What do we offer?

  • Assigned Specialist Orthodontist to each case
  • Specialist diagnosis and treatment planning for your patients
  • Specialist support and mentoring during treatment for ALL practitioners providing orthodontics
  • The best in appliance technology
  • Training for you and your team
  • A "one stop shop" for your removable, aligner, fixed and retainer needs

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