‘Oralign Orthodontic appliances for Limited Treatment Outcome (LTO) Orthodontics for the general dental practitioner:’

Oralign Support

With Oralign Support we are with you every step of the way. We offer specialist diagnosis and treatment planning for your patients and specialist support and mentoring during treatment.

Our support services have often been referred to as ‘your OWN virtual Specialist Orthodontist’ and we truly are there at the end of the phone or email every step of the way – ensuring a successful outcome.


Oralign Original

Oralign Original is a custom made appliance that utilises the latest in dental materials to provide a small, discreet appliance to deliver orthodontic forces to the teeth to effectively straighten them.

The appliances use light metal spring forces to apply pressure to both sides of the teeth that need aligning. These gentle physio-biolgical forces mould the teeth into alignment.

Oralign Advance

Oralign Advance is a fixed appliance using the highest quality clear brackets combined with ultra light arch wires making it almost invisible. Following your training you will be able to place bands, clear brackets and arch wires and to be able to provide all the necessary information for case selection.

This will allow accurate diagnosis and treatment planning to be provided by our orthodontic specialist to whom the case will be assigned and who will supervise all the steps along to completion.

Oralign Clear

Oralign Clear is an appliance of clear aligners which will gently reposition teeth to the agreed outcome.

They are not suitable for every case and may take longer to achieve to optimal result but some patients prefer the ‘invisibility’ of this way of correcting their appearance.