Frequently asked questions

Patient comfort is of upmost importance to us at Oralign and our goal is to have use the best appliance for you with the minimum of discomfort. Speak with your dentist if you have any concerns.

No. We only supply our appliances via Certified Practitioners who have been trained in their use and work alongside our orthodontic specialists in providing your treatment. Each appliance is uniquely designed and made for you; as are the retainers which are fitted at the end of treatment to keep your teeth in their new position.

Oralign will create a picture of the proposed treatment result. This will be achieved if the appliance is worn as directed by your dentist. You can be reassured that your treatment and appliance has been designed by a specialist orthodontist and custom made for you by a specialist orthodontic laboratory meeting UK GDC standards.

Each Oralign Orthodontic appliance takes a different amount of time depending on the complexity of your case. Your dentist, assisted by our specialist orthodontists, will be able to advise you.You will have heard claims of ‘fast orthodontics’. Unfortunately, the Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts (the cells that remodel the bone to allow teeth to move) have not read the marketing literature. The research evidence shows that teeth will move at approximately 0.3mm/week when a force of between 120 and 400 grams is used. Higher forces can cause damage and lower forces do not result in efficient tooth movement.

The Oralign Original appliance is very small and is almost invisible when in position. There are no unsightly metal brackets as the use of metal is kept to a minimum. It should not change your working life or your social life.Oralign Clear is an appliance of clear aligners which will gently reposition teeth to the agreed outcome.Oralign Advance is a fixed appliance using the highest quality clear/tooth coloured brackets combined with tooth coloured arch wires making it almost invisible. The assigned specialist orthodontist will position your brackets individually and create a custom jig to ensure accurate placement of the brackets by your dentist.

Once your teeth are in their proper places a permanent retainer is fixed to the back of the front teeth to make sure they don’t move back. This is easy to get used to and only visible to your dentist who will check it at your routine examination appointments.

That is a matter to be discussed with your dentist as costs vary according to the complexity of the treatment.