Information for Patients Why Oralign?

Are you unhappy with how straight your teeth appear? Many people hide their smile for years because they think treatment will take a long time and be expensive. With an Oralign appliance you can have a cost-effective and speedy solution to help you smile with confidence again. ‘Oralign Original’ can straighten front teeth in less than 14 weeks with only 14-16 hours of wear a day. This means that if you have an important meeting or event you can simply pop it out and return it later at a convenient stage. Even when the device is in the mouth, it is so discreet that many people don’t even feel the need to remove it. More and more dentists across the UK are becoming accredited to offer Oralign Orthodontic appliances, is yours?

CR Clinical Director explains the Oralign proposition
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Why Oralign Orthodontic appliances?

    • A Specialist Orthodontist is assigned to your case for diagnosis and treatment planning; they will support and advise your dentist through the entire case when necessary.
    • The original appliance can straighten front teeth in less than 14 weeks with only 14-16 hours of wear a day.
    • Oralign Advance is a discreet fixed orthodontic appliance which can treat the more complex orthodontic problems quickly and effectively.
    • Oralign Clear gently re-aligns your teeth with ‘Invisible’ aligners which are worn all day except when eating. Many TV personalities have worn them even whilst on the TV.
    • The devices are very cost effective.
    • Your dentist will advise which appliance is best suited to your condition.